We absolutely LOVED this hike. It was so much fun and beautiful to say the least.

Accomplished Hiker

The above photo was taken at our destination point. The accomplished hiker stands high on top of a rock looking way down to the bottom with the mountains and sun behind. I love this shot and put a sepia effect on it.

Tam McArthur Rim

This one is looking out over the rim. Notice the hole in the ground at the forefront above. It is almost as if the earth could open up. The sky is hazy from forest fires. This hike was done in the beginning of August 2010.

Top of Tam McArthur

The above gives some idea of how high this cliff is with the lake below and hiker standing above is looking out toward Broken Top and Broken Hand. Little Three Creek Lake is below. The lake is over 1000 feet below the rim.

This hike is about 5 miles round trip and approximately 1200 feet elevation gain. You can see Belknap Crater, Mt Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood, and the tip of Mt Adams from this spot.

One of my favorite places to snowshoe is at Narada Falls in Mt Rainier National Park. Here are some photos from the last adventure.

Relfection Lakes

This is overlooking Reflection Lakes which is covered by snow and of course the fir trees are sticking up in the distance. This hike was done on December 4th 2010 which was a cloudy, windy, and cold day.


This shot was taken along the trail. The lake is to the left of us.

Gray Fox

The above animal is a gray fox. The close up shot was possible because these animals have been coming out the forest looking for handouts from people. It is important NOT to feed the animals. Not only is it illegal in the National Park, but it is irresponsible. The pic was taken in the parking lot.

This is a must do hike in Central Oregon in our opinion. The scenery is beautiful. The loop trail takes you up and over the top and down the other side and then winds around along the river.

View Smith Rock

The pic above was taken on the way down the back side. That is Monkey Face ( a 300 ft tall natural rock sculpture ) on the left which is a favorite for many skilled rock climbers. Crocked River meanders through the valley below.

Rock Climber

Rock climbers can be seen along the trail and are fun to watch. This woman is attempting her first climb with the help of Smith Rock Climbing Guides. She makes it to the top!


The above shot was taken on the way back to the trail head as we walked along the river. The beautiful reflection of the jagged brown rocks have a nice contrast to the blue sky showing in the water below. The evening was a perfect time for lighting.

So we took the trail up Misery Ridge from the foot bridge. The loop trail is approximately 5 1/2 miles total. The elevation gain is close to 1100 ft. We took plenty of water as we embarked on this day long adventure in the month of August. We brought snacks along as well.

So if your travels take you to the Bend/Redmond area, we highly recommend taking some time to see this natural wonder.

This is a very beautiful and photograph-able lighthouse perched on a point on the Oregon Coast at Newport just off of Hwy 101. The landscape here is rugged and breath taking and the history is educational. Behind the door to this tall structure is a small museum with antiques and information. Then climbing the spiral stairs to the top is quite an accomplishment. Some say there are ghosts living here, but we did not encounter any on this visit. These pictures were taken in early October. The weather was sunny and wonderful, although windy of course.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse



The last photo shows the rugged landscape and view of the ocean from the grounds of the lighthouse. The sun is shining on the white caps as the waves crash against the shore and rocks.